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BONPET automatic fire extinguisher

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Everybody knows that inflammation is to be quenched in its early phase when the fire hasn’t taken and hasn’t become an uncontrollable disaster resulting in horrific impacts.

The fire prevention was the aim to develop the BONPET fire extinguishing system..

BONPET is a chemical substance, non toxic and does not harm humans, animals or the environment (ozon friendly)

It is registered in the official list of EU for new extinguishing products , and at the time, has the strongest extinguish ability among all the common fire extinguishing products.

BONPET's products can meet any need of fire extinction and for this reason are available for use in various forms.

The BONPET device advantages can be supplemented with its guaranteed service life confirmed both by the Manufacturer and leading insurance companies which have effected a policy of insurance against the device failure for the amount of  1,000,000 EURO.

The most important thing though, is that BONPET systems can stop the fire immediately and at its begining, not only saving your property, but even save lives.

What is certain that when using BONPET systems you can finally feel really confident about the safety of your people and your property.

BONPET was accorded recognition of many international patent agencies, i.e.:

- USA Patent Agency in 1974
- GGermany Patent Agency ermany Patent Agency in 1975
- Family of Patent Letters of Australia

BONPET_12The ampoule is easily installed by using two screws for the special hanger, above the potential inflammation place, on the wall or ceiling, always horizontally and can protect an area of 4 m² or 8 m³ for a fire of a solid material and 2 m² for a fire by liquid fuels.

should be fasten on special hanger (manning), mounter have to choose a potential inflammation place.
2) Hanger can be wall or ceiling mounted.
3) Minimal recommended distance from ceiling should be not less then 10 cm. In this case the protected area will have maximum volume 8 m3.
4) For throwing method use it must be easy of access.
5) When installation protected area should be estimated to be covered  by ampoule`s spread  extinguishing agent.
6) Ampoule can be mounted by your self following the instruction.

It should be installed as near as possible to the potential inflamation area. This way,  the liquid from the ampoule can reach the triggering temperature the fastest possible. 

In addition, you can place on the ampoule a special switch connected to any fire detection system, and trigger the alarm in case of the ampoule's activation.

You can also place a special metallic protective cover in order to avoid any potential knocking of the ampoule by any human activity in the area.

bonpet20Installation examples in homes:
• Kitchen: above the stove under the hood.

• Boiler: above the oil or gad burner or over wood buring heaters.

• Electric panels: on or in switchboards

• Elevators: in lift engines, switchboerds, etc.

Consult our company's experts:
They are always at your disposal to study your space and make their suggestions.


In 1953 Djiro Niizama, a Japanese professor, scientist in chemistry after 15 years of elaborate researches synthesized an organic liquid (light water) possessing  unique properties which could extinguish fire in any  phase of inflammation. The liquid was named BONPET.

The scientist was urged to make this invention by the Tokyo strongest earthquake accompanied by vast devastations and fires which took tens of thousands of human lives.

The ordinary fire-extinguishing methods were not fruitful. The leading Japanese research laboratories received orders to design advanced means for private and industrial premises protection against fire. Djiro Niizama was encouraged by the experience he had learned to devise a new highly effective fire extinguisher which could be used by anybody for mitigating fire in its initial phase.

As far back as 1954 the first pilot model of the BONPET fire extinguishing device was patented. In 1970 Japan adopted new fire safety rules and standards which nowadays are the world strongest and exacting. In 1972 after the BONPET successful test and certification it became a fire extinguishing system the premises in Japan would have to be obligatorily equipped with.

For the long 50 year history of the BONPET system both the system design, its material and flask chemical contents have been modified. The modern BONPET system model demonstrates the highest level of fire extinguishing capability as compared with previous options.

Many fire extinguishing concepts not long ago considered to be unfeasible have been implemented and serve the man!

Today there are two production sites manufacturing the BONPET fire extinguishing equipment, i.e. Kabotec Co. Ltd. in Japan serving the Asian region and BONPET d.o.o. in Slovenia supplying its products to the European market, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, the Baltic and CIS countries.

The BONPET fire extinguishing system has been tested and is currently used by 50 most developed countries of the world. It is used by such largest world corporations as Toyota, Mitsubishi Corp., Isuzu Motors Ltd., Coca-Cola, Nestle, Gorenje, Bridgestone, Matsushita, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sanyo, Japan Tobacco, Itochi Fuel Corp., Cosmo Oil Company Ltd., and many others. 

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