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Counter Top Water Cooler
Aqua Uf by wellness stores

The ideal solution for the home and the office
Modern and smart design
Elegant technology with excellent water quality
Say No to Plastics

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Top Air Purifiers
by Blueair

The clean air is human right!
Kills² germs and prevents growth with GermShield™ technology
Removes 99,99% of airborne Coronavirus
A Smart addition to your house or office
Independently proven performance



Discover specialized filters, ionizers and water coolers
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Wellness system suggestions for life's most precious commodity
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Ensure the quality of your sleep with wellness systems
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Professional solutions for the catering and tourism industries
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Health & Wellness at your home!

Wellness Stores focus on the right quality of life in our home or workplace.

Our vision, the creation of a better and healthier environment through a series of products and technologies of high standards provided by the Wellness Stores!

Breathe freely!

Keep the air quality in your home clean with the air purifiers offered by Wellness Stores.

With filtration that reaches 99.97%, it neutralizes all airborne harmful particles, fighting allergies, germs, odors, bacteria and viruses, creating the clean & healthy atmosphere you desire.

Get your cooler for free through the Wellness Stores Credit program!

The most economical solution for unlimited clean and filtered water, hot, cold or at room temperature. The state-of-the-art Wellness Stores® mains water coolers combine high quality standards with excellent design.

They can be placed anywhere on floors or tables, as long as there is an outlet and water supply, and they have very low energy consumption. The Wellness Stores® mains water coolers can be obtained in the following ways: By purchase or lease.

Free Service
for life

Wellness stores with more than 30 years of experience in water and air treatment systems guarantee you free service whenever needed.

Our fully trained and well organized staff is available to guide you by phone and if necessary in person to solve your problem. Immediate service, Knowledge and Care about what we do, are some of the features that Wellness Stores provide you

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Blue 3210
Water Cleaner


We bring Wellness to your workplace

Find out why hundreds of companies prefer our products in their workplace or office. We spend at least 1/3 of the day at work.

So our goal is to maintain a safe and healthy environment for us and our partners and in our workplace.

Building on sustainability and the future

Wellness Stores, in collaboration with the largest companies in the Water and Air sector, ensure the sustainability of their products through continuous research and development of the materials used for their manufacture. With unique technologies we guarantee a better and healthier environment with minimal possible use of recycled plastics and biodegradable materials.

Wellness Stores is the first company in Southern and Eastern Europe to distribute 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable water treatment systems.

Certified Products from leading organizations

With certifications such as Water Quality Association, NSF, CE, WRAS, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TUV, Energy Star are some of the certifications that our products have with continuous development every year!