Our goal is to provide products that will help you preserve the most valuable asset that man has, health.

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Since 1990, our company represents and markets the most branded and certified products, that process and purify water and air.
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We make every effort to ensure that each product is scientifically validated and recognized in order to ensure its quality and your well-being.
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We make sure that your order is delivered to your site as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits of our products directly.
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Deal Of The Month

Aroma Diffuser IRIS

Οι διαχύτες αρώματος της σειράς madebyzen , είναι ο πλέον υγιεινός και αποτελεσματικός τρόπος να αρωματίσετε υγιεινά το χώρο σας. Λειτουργεί με υπέρηχους, νερό και σταγόνες από το προσωπικό σας άρωμα ή μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε αιθέρια έλαια, προκειμένου να απολαύσετε της ευεργετικές ιδιότητες τις αρωματοθεραπεία.


Filtration Process

-A step-by-step view-

Stage 01: Filtration

Filtering of solids and removal of soil, rust, sand

Stage 02: Filtration of active pharmaceutical carbon block

Removal of chlorine, asbestos, lead and other chemical impurities

Stage 03: Filtration using Aragon technology

Removing heavy metals, salts, up to 60% of radioactive elements and viruses

Stage 04:

Enjoy without fear

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