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Air Purifier Blueair Classic 480i

650,00 €

  • Room size 40m2
  • Wi-Fi technology
  • Air quality control via smartphone
  • Effective
  • Economic
  • Noiseless
  • Remote control
  • Air polution detectors
  • Higher levels of CADR worldwide
  • Electronic display panel

More details

Best in test

The Nordic independent test institute Testfakta rates the Classic 405 with the highest overall score, 4,2 out of 5, for its superior cleaning performance both at maximum speed and at low noise (up to 37 db). The tests are carried out at Intertek and IBR laboratories in the UK. The Classic 405 is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with the Blueair Friend app, has a user-friendly interface with LED-button control, for a simple and connected clean air experience. Furthermore, it provides quiet, powerful and energy-efficient air filtration for indoor air that is virtually free of allergy or asthma triggers.


In touch with your clean air

Touch buttons on the control panel make your Blueair Classic 405 work tirelessly for you. Easy-to-read LED icons let you see the status of your air purifier’s Wi-Fi connection, operating speed and filter. Adjusting operation is easy. Just touch. Add our Blueair Aware monitor and download the free Blueair Friend app. This enables you to control the new Classic from afar, see room air quality and access outdoor air quality data in real time in most major urban areas.

Unique Blueair HEPASilent Technology

The new Blueair Classic 405 uses Blueair HEPASilent Technology to remove virtually all airborne pollutants. Using the best in electrostatic and mechanical filtration, our HEPASilent Technology is a revolutionary combination of advanced filter media and an encapsulated particle-charging chamber. This ensures that your Blueair purifier delivers results far superior than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone.

Top choice for mid-sized rooms

Designed for mid-sized rooms, our Blueair Classic 405 is a solid choice for those who have allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues. It gets the job done – quietly and effectively.

The Blueair Classic family

Our broad range of Classic air purifiers provides tried and tested solutions for a healthier life for you and your family. The next generation of the Classic family is Wi-Fi enabled, so adjustments are easy and can be made anytime, anywhere via the Blueair Friend app. It also operates with less energy, is more quiet and cleans a significantly larger area faster.

Height 59 cm.
Width 50 cm.
Depth 27,5 cm.
Weight 14 kg.
Consumption 15 - 90 watt
Dimensions 59 x 50 x 27,5 cm.
Space Coverage 40m2
Noise Level 32 - 52 dB(A)
Machine Maintenance every 6 months
Airflow m³/hour 5
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) - Smoke 476m3 per hour (280 cfm)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) - Dust 510m3 per hour (300 cfm)
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) - Pollen 510m3 per hour (300 cfm)

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