Floor air ionizer LightAir IonFlow 500

Floor air ionizer LightAir IonFlow 500

499,00 €

  • Effectiveness
  • No filter
  • Silent mode
  • Low power consumption
  • Ozon Free
  • Design Award
  • Easy operation
  • Environmentally friendly

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About IonFlow 500

IonFlow 500 is designed to blend in with any office or commercial decor, with a modern, silver/gray color scheme and hand-crafted acrylic base.

Independent testing shows that our filter-free, ozone-free, silent IonFlow air purifiers neutralize 97% of viruses and effectively remove 99.94% of fine and ultra-fine particles such as traffic pollution, mold, smoke, fine dust, virus, pet allergens and more all the way down to 0.007 microns—the most dangerous particles of all and far too small for typical HEPA air purifiers to handle effectively.

LifeAir removes particles typical HEPA air purifiers can’t

Typical HEPA-based air purifiers can remove particles down to 0.3 microns, but 90% of the particles in the air, including the most harmful ones are smaller than that. Most HEPA air purifiers only catch a fraction of these harmful particles. Our LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers use negative ions, not filters, to effectively remove particles all the way down to 0.007 microns.

LifeAir neutralizes 97% of viruses

LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers offer unmatched protection against viruses, which HEPA-based filters don’t deal with. IonFlow air purifiers attach negative ions to viruses, making them harmless (not contagious) already when in the air.

Cleaner air in every breath they take.

LifeAir makes a life-changing improvement for people with asthma, allergies and COPD, as well as for children, the elderly and the ill, who are most sensitive to infections, fine particles, and ultra-fine particles.

Do you or those around you suffer from breathing problems?

LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers effectively remove:

 02_pollution_text-225x300.png 03_pollen-225x300.png    

LifeAir IonFlow air purifiers can make a big difference to those who suffer from:

Height 66 cm.
Width 19 cm.
Weight 2,8 kg
Consumption 5 watt
Space Coverage 50 m2
Noise Level 21 db

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