The Wellness Stores® Allergy Protection Service offers a unique method of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing our mattresses and pillows. Do the hygiene test of your mattress and get rid of Insomnia, headache, breathlessness, allergies and much more.

What is the mattress cleaning process?

The POTEMA® cleaning process is the fastest and most hygienic way to deep clean mattresses

A certified POTEMA® specialist partner comes to your home and checks the condition of the mattress. A small part of the mattress is cleaned and checked for allergic mite droppings. When you place an order, the entire mattress is thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning system. After cleaning, the surface of the mattress is treated with POTEMA® Mattresses Clean Spray, which prevents the reproduction of mites using natural essential oils.

Deep cleaning of your mattresses by a POTEMA® service partner is carried out quite conveniently and effortlessly for you in your own home - quickly, thoroughly, financially!

  • 1. Try cleaning a small section of the mattress. Thus the degree of contamination is determined and the allergen load is controlled.
  • 2. Main cleaning of the entire mattress. Duration about 20 minutes to clean both sides (specification for 100x200cm mattress)
  • 3. Deactivating allergens, refreshing, removing stains from POTEMA® Mattresses Clean Spray, from natural raw materials.
  • 4. Place a POTEMA® test stamp on the cleaned layer
  • 5. Cleaning protocol
  • 6. Issuance of certificate for hotels, hospitals, residences, etc.

Mattresses can remain on the bed during cleaning. Recommended cleaning interval: 6 to a maximum of 24 months

Effectiveness of POTEMA®-Deep Cleaning

With the POTEMA® mattress cleaning system, the mite droppings inside the mattress are broken up by the vibrations of the Potema system. A vacuum precisely fitted to the mattress removes mites from inside the mattress. During the cleaning process germs and microorganisms on the surface of the mattress are destroyed by a special UV lamp.