Wellness Stores, in collaboration with the largest companies in the Water and Air sector, ensure the sustainability of their products through continuous research and development of the materials used for their manufacture. With unique technologies we guarantee a better and healthier environment with minimal use of recycled plastics and biodegradable materials.

Wellness Stores is the first company in Southern and Eastern Europe to distribute 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable water treatment systems.

The fight against plastic!Reducing the use of plastics.

Our company, an exclusive representative of the WaterCare company through the Reduce and Recycle program, regenerates all "expired" resins from the CTUQX & iX ION Water treatment systems, as well as from the competition's filters. Through collection and specific certified processing in the factory, it has the ability to clean and regenerate the resin so that it can be used again, saving and reducing costs to a minimum.

WaterCare iX water filters use Insert Refill technology, which means the internal replacement filter can be recycled avoiding the replacement of the entire cartridge-canister used by competing filters. This is a huge step towards reducing plastics and their waste.

  • Filter your own water - No need to buy plastic bottled water
  • iX insert Refill filter technology – Reducing the use of plastics
  • All resins are recycled and regenerated through the Return & Recycle program
  • Environmentally friendly iX filters are ideal for filtering water even in more congested areas

Water refill points

Water refill points are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to buying bottled water. WaterCare's eco-friendly iX water filters provide excellent water filtration for clean tasting water. They are also fully recyclable with Insert Refill technology.

Made in Britain

Our products are manufactured at WaterCare's UK factory before being distributed. Providing our customers with the guarantee and security through all the security certifications and ISOs with the guarantee of WaterCare.

Eliminate disposable filters!

The revolutionary iX water filter effectively eliminates harmful disposable water filters. Instead of throwing away used filters where they take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, iX filters use a changeable insert that is recyclable and saves money too.

Drastic reduction of plastics

Wellness stores in collaboration with WaterCare is looking for ways to replace non-recyclable plastics with recyclable materials wherever possible. Since 2016 we have made great strides in developing products that benefit the environment by drastically reducing plastics and will continue to do so in the future.