Franchise Wellness Stores

The Wellness Stores proposal is a unique opportunity with a number of benefits, such as high profit rates, continuous development and zero risk. It is aimed at active people seeking a safe, low-cost investment. Wellness Stores started their operations in 1990 and established in Athens the first in the Greek market integrated water and air treatment systems. Over the years, it has expanded its activities by adding other services to its quantum products such as health and wellness systems for humans and integrated solutions for home and work.

Our goal is to create a strong chain of stores for the right and immediate service of all customers in different cities in Greece.

Contact the network development department and learn about the opportunity and how to work with us.

  • Address

    Georgiou Papandreou 88

    Zografou, P.C. 15773

  • Phone

    (+30) 210-771-21-99

    (+30) 801-100-4041

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