BONPET fire extinguishing system

185,00 €

  • Prevention and immediate extinction 
  • Ozon friendly
  • No retreading costs
  • Easy and direct placement

More details

Prevention and immediate extinguishment at the beginning of the fire was the goal and purpose of the development of the BONPET fire extinguishing system. 

BONPET is a non-toxic chemical composition, does not harm humans, animals and of course does not harm the environment.

It is listed in the official list of new EU extinguishing materials and currently has the strongest extinguishing capacity of all known conventional products and extinguishing materials. 

BONPET products can meet any need for extinguishing and are therefore available for use in various forms. 

The ampoule is placed very simply and easily be screwing its mounting bracket (with two screws) above the area of a possible source of fire to the wall or ceiling, always in horizontal position and covering a surface of 4m2 or 8m2 for fire categories A (Solids) and 2m2 for fire categories B (Liquid fuels). 

It must be positioned as close as possible to the possible ignition range. This mode allows the ampoule fluid to reach the activation temperature as quickly as possible.