Water filter undersink Geyser Max

220,00 €

  • It effectively removes all the harmful substances from the water
  • Removes the salts up to 60% by ion exchange
  • Removes heavy metals from water
  • Suitable for heavy salt water
  • Three (3) stages of filtration
  • Antibros system
  • Unique polymer material 0.1 micro 
  • 99,9% protection from bacteria and viruses

More details

  • MAXimum capacity in regard to hardness salts due to thoroughly developed combination of AquaSoft and Aragon MAX.
  • MAXimum benefit - eliminating excessive amounts calcium carbonate, GEYSER MAX saves healthy mineral composition of water.
  • MAXimum benefit - removal of excessive amount of calcium carbonate and saving mineral composition of water needed for human being.
  • MAXimum savings - Geyser MAX saves your time and money because it can work without regeneration for one year. 
  • MAXimum comfort - compact, convenient and easy to install under sink even if the space is limited.
  • MAXimum effect for 12 months. No scale and excellent taste of ordinary meal like culinary delights.


Choose the case option, which is the most suitable for your kitchen!


ATTENTION: Efficiency is achieved only by this bundle and such a sequence of cartridges.

1st stagea composite cartridge AQUASOFT.

2nd stagea unique cartridge ARAGON MAX.

3rd stageCBC high-quality activated coconut coal.


Water softening

  • A composite cartridge AQUASOFT
  • Carbon block CBC 10 "SLIM or MMB 
Weight 3 Kg.

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