Hobot 298 - Glass cleaner robot

390,00 €

  • Glass cleaner robot Pioneer
  • Cleans automatically
  • Laser sensors with ΑΙ-S2.1 technology
  • Fast and silent
  • Ultrasonic water spray
  • Smart phone control

More details

The Revolution Robot!

Clean your windows with the leading Hobot 298 glass cleaner. It cleans glass, mirrors, tables, wall tiles and all smooth surfaces. You do not have to be tired and wasting your time. Relax or engage in other activities and let Hobot do the housework instead of you.

It was have automatic water spray!

The Hobot 298 is the first robotic glass cleaner with automatic water sprayer and built-in glass cleaner. HOBOT 298 glass robotic cleaner is the world's first and only patented ultrasonic water sprinkler to create a 15 micron fog for even more efficient and perfect glass cleaning.

Revolutionary cleaning method for windows and smooth surfaces!

We place the Hobot 298 cleaning system on the surface that we want (glass, windows, mirrors, shop windows, glass doors and cupboards) and put Hobot in place and Hobot is ready to clean every surface.

Fast and clean surface effortlessly!

Hobot 298 uses a unique linear motion system in which the patented system moves along the surface quickly by cleaning the powerful suction motor and microfiber cloth. Hobot 268 cleans the surface in two stages, first horizontally, and then vertically, thus achieving a perfectly clean surface with a cleaning speed of 1m2 / 2.4 min.

AI-S2.1 technology and laser sensors!

Hobot 298 is equipped with four laser sensors and a navigation system with AI-S2.1 technology, which controls the movement of the robot on the surface to be cleaned automatically. Hobot 298 automatically detects the size of the surface it wants to clean and can handle large surfaces up to 6 meters wide. Hobot 298 laser sensors can detect and clean non-chassis surfaces such as windows and mirrors.

Easy fit for each surface!

At the bottom of the robot are special pillows that fit to clean each surface automatically.

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