Heplmation Deluxe 40L

90,00 €

Helpmation DELUXE 40 liters non-contact waste bin

The DELUXE series Helpmation non-contact waste bin with infrared sensor and matt stainless steel lid brings a clean and modern design to your home. The premium DELUXE series is equipped with the latest Protect lid opening system, which guarantees long life and durability. When you place your hand 25 cm above the infrared sensor of the basket, the lid opens automatically and very quietly. After inserting the waste, the lid closes itself. Helpmation baskets are characterized by high-quality workmanship, economical operation and a quiet system for opening and closing the lid.

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Contactless waste bin Helpmation

The non-contact waste bin guarantees maximum hygiene and ease of operation. You can have your hands full of garbage, the lid of the bin will open automatically and close after insertion. This system is very hygienic and ensures a reduction in the occurrence of bacteria. The opening and closing of the Helpmation basket is controlled by a smart chip.

Advantages of the contactless waste bin Helpmation

  • 100% contactless operation
  • Basket made of matt stainless steel
  • FingerPrint proof fingerprint protection
  • Possibility of manual opening with buttons
  • ABS plastic lid
  • The lid is controlled by a patented chip
  • Inner plastic container
  • Silent opening and closing of the lid
  • Very low consumption
  • Volume 40 liters

High quality Helpmation baskets

The durable construction of the Helpmation waste bins made of first-class matt stainless steel with Fingerprint Proof fingerprint protection offers a modern look, easy cleaning and corrosion protection. The lid of the waste bin is made of solid ABS plastic. Quality materials guarantee long-term use.

Economical operation of Helpmation baskets

Economical operation of the waste bin is ensured by 4 pieces of LR6 / AA type batteries, which open the lid up to 10,000 times (using high-quality alkaline batteries).

Thanks to the modern design and non-contact design, the Helpmation contactless baskets are suitable for the home, office, doctor's office, hospital, beauty salon, restaurant, boarding house or hotel.

How the Helpmation trash works

It is very simple and hygienic. You move your hand close to the sensor and the lid opens automatically within 0.5 seconds. The lid remains open until the hand moves away from the sensor. As soon as you move away from the sensor, the lid will close in 3 seconds. The control is completely contactless. There are buttons on the basket lid for manual operation of the lid, if you need to keep it open for a long time. At the back of the lid there is a main ON / OFF switch for the possibility of completely turning off the lid.

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