Raycop mattress cleaning system

260,00 €

  • Three cleaning stages
  • The UV lamp removes 99% of the bacteria in just 2 seconds
  • Eliminates 99,9% of mites in layers, covers, pillows and fabrics
  • It removes 99% of viruses and gems
  • Own patented technology
  • A vacuum cleaner designed by a doctor
  • UVC sterilization lamp
  • Removes allergens, mites and bacteria
  • Two powerful vibrating coulters
  • Rotary brush
  • Two intake suits
  • Two-stage filtration
  • Washable dustbin
  • Safety sensors
  • Child lock

More details

UVC antibacterial vacuum cleaner

Raycop RS 300 is an original antibacterial vacuum cleaner designed by a doctor. It demonstrably removes bacteria and mites that cause serious illnesses and allergies in children and adults. The Raycop vacuum cleaner, with its unique patented cleaning system, UVC disinfecting lamp and special shape, cleans beds, mattresses and bedding from allergens by a chemical process. With its efficiency and functionality, Raycop has become the No. 1 market leader in Japan with more than 3 million units sold.

It simply removes allergens

The Raycop RS 300 Antibacterial Vacuum Cleaner simply removes allergens, bacteria and house dust mites. Domestic dust, mites and their effluents are removed by a patented cleaning system that uses a UVC sterilizing lamp, vibratory coulters, rotary brush and powerful suction with HEPA filtration. The Raycop, designed by a doctor , already employs 3 million satisfied customers in Japan.

Specialist for clean and healthy sleep

Raycop delivers optimum suction power for easy cleaning of mattresses, bedding and other textiles. The extremely high suction power and shape of conventional vacuum cleaners is not suitable for cleaning mattresses, bedding and textiles. Raycop is a specialist who brings you healthy sleep and helps prevent allergies.

The benefits of the Raycop vacuum cleaner:

  • demonstrably kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, molds
  • effectively removes more than 93.5% of mites
  • cleaning by a non-chemical route
  • Awarded The British Allergy Foundation
  • attested by Charles University
  • recommended by Czech doctors
  • a suitable vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • reduces the risk of allergic diseases
  • provide a clean mattress and bedding for a healthy sleep

Why use a Raycop vacuum cleaner

We spend about a third of our lives on a bed, which is much more time than anywhere else in the home, and it's incredible that this is the place we clean the least. Every night we share a bed with 2 million dangerous mites and bacteria attacking us while we are pumping for the next day. The Raycop UVC vacuum cleaner with scientifically proven effects reduces the risk of allergic diseases.

Raycop mite of mites and allergens

Raycop removes mites and their effluents, including excreted enzymes, bacteria, viruses and fungi. All these allergens can lead to a number of allergic and chronic diseases such as asthma, allergy , chronic cold, various types of eczema and skin diseases.

UVC lamp of the Raycop vacuum cleaner

Compared to regular vacuum cleaners, Raycop uses a UVC germicidal lamp with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which destroys the DNA of mites and prevents their proliferation. A conventional vacuum cleaner without a UVC lamp does not provide removal of mites and bacteria with such high efficiency.


Intuitive single-button Raycop vacuum cleaner

Raycop RS 300 is controlled by a single button with two suction power options. The vacuum cleaner system alerts you to the need to replace the HEPA filter or to have a properly positioned dust cup in the vacuum cleaner. Using the Raycop antibacterial vacuum cleaner is easy and safe.

Tests and Awards for Raycop Vacuum Cleaners

Antibacterial Raycop vacuum cleaners have received many awards and have been certified at several major laboratories where their effectiveness has been demonstrated, for example The British Allergy Foundation, Charles University in Prague, Japan Food Research Laboratories, LOHAS.

Height 36 cm.
Width 32 cm.
Depth 16 cm.
Weight 2,1 kg.
Voltage 240V
Consumption 300 watt
Filtration Stages 1st Stage: Vibrating pad 2nd Stage: UV-C lamp 3rd Stage: Suction system 4th Stage: Hepa filter

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