iX CARBON 01 for drinking water

  • IX CARBON 01
  • IX CARBON 01
  • IX CARBON 01
  • IX CARBON 01
  • iX CARBON 01 for drinking water
  • iX CARBON 01 for drinking water
  • Removes chlorine (taste and smell) and its derivatives
  • Holds dirt, sand, rust, asbestos and more
  • Certified filter
  • Multiple Filtering Stages
  • Easy installation under the sink
  • No separate faucet required
  • Maintenance and change every 12 months
  • With the guarantee and quality of Wellness Stores®
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√ Removes chlorine (taste and smell) and its derivatives at a rate of 97%

√ Retains soil, sand, rust, dirt, asbestos and suspended particles up to 0.5μm

√ Certified following all standards of European and international organizations

√ They have multiple filtering stages, for greater security

√ They are easily placed under your sink or kitchen counter.

√ They are invisible and no separate tap is required

√ They filter the drinking water in your home or business

√ Maintenance and change of insert refill® is done every 12 months

√ With the guarantee and quality of Wellness Stores

For fresh drinking water

iX CARBON is placed under your sink and is the ideal solution for drinking water in your home or business. It offers clean water free from chlorine, asbestos, soil and rust, improving its quality, taste and smell. Activated carbon impregnated with silver ions and combined with a final additional carbon block further improves water quality. Suitable for most potable water applications with a water supply capacity of 30,000 litres.

The 4 stages of Filtering:

1st Stage: Filtration with a 5 micron solids filter. This filter traps suspended particles such as dirt, sand, rust, asbestos, turbidity, etc.

2nd Stage: Filtration with activated medicinal carbon. The water is filtered through the activated medicinal carbon filter and removes chlorine, its derivatives and harmful substances from the water. At this stage, the water already has a high quality without odors, chlorine, its derivatives, THMs, PCBs, etc.

3rd Stage: Filtering with Silver ions. Silver ions help keep water clean and free of bacteria and microbial loads, viruses and bacteria. With its antibacterial action you have a guarantee and high safety in every use.

4th Stage: Final filtration by activated carbon block. In this stage, the pH of the water is balanced while at the same time it is strengthened and improves its taste.

Specially designed to improve taste, color and smell. With 4-stage filtration, the iX CARBON water filter is specially designed to provide fresh, suitable water for drinking coffee or tea. It is recommended for use in areas where the water is soft and there is not a large presence of salts.

Unique Insert Refill Technology

The iX Carbon undercounter supply filter features unique Insert Refill technology, meaning the internal replacement filter can be recycled avoiding the need to replace the entire canister cartridge used by competitive filters. This is a huge step towards reducing plastics and their waste.

Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, NSF.

Certified NSF Accessories & Certified WRAS Media.

IXWATER is manufactured in the UK.

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13,5 cm
3 kg
30,000 l
Suspended Particles (rust, sand, seaweed, etc.)
Active chlorine
Organic impurities (pesticides, etc.)
Microorganisms and coliforms
Filtration Stages
34,5 cm

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