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Water filter Geyser 1

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  • It removes all the harmful substances from water
  • It removes the salts up to 60% by ion exchange
  • It removes heavy metals from water
  • Double filtration system
  • Antibros system so that what it has retained does not pass into the drinking water
  • Unique polymeric material 0.1 micro
  • 99,9% protection from bacteria and virusesΗος
  • Removes as well as radioactive elements (eg strontium-90, cesium-137)
  • Converts calcite to aragonite (ie softens water)
  • Reduces the risk of urolithiasis
  • Silver in its structure prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • They do not remove the minerals and trace elements necessary for the body
  • They significantly improve the taste and smell of water

More details

Geyser 1 water filter by Wellness Stores is the solution for drinking clean water in your home or workplace!

It is ideal for home use taking up the least possible space. It is placed on the kitchen counter and connected to the kitchen faucet with a flow switch very easily and quickly.

The flow switch does not affect the kitchen faucet at all. Just when we want to have filtered water we turn the switch and the mains water passes through the device providing clean and healthy water for drinking, cooking and washing food and vegetables.

Geyser 1 water filter, effectively removes all dangerous chemical pollutants and all dangerous pathogenic microorganisms such as petrol, chloroform, pesticides, asbestos fibers, lead, residual chlorine, bad taste, smell, turbidity, bacteria, etc.

Geyser 1 is the unique water filter worldwide, capable of softening drinking water from salts reducing the risk of urolithiasis. This is due to the unique technology available through the Aragon® filter.

How to filter water from GEYSER:

Filtration and refinement are achieved on the bases of the world's unique microporous and ion exchange polymeric material and an active carbon filter insert, Aragon®.

This special material Aragon® cleans water in tree ways simultaneously: mechanically, with absorption and ion exchange.

This removes a variety of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, iron, heavy metals, carcinogens, bacteria and viruses.

Silver in the structure of the material in indelible form, completely prevents the reproduction of bacteria and viruses.

During filtering through Aragon® a change in the structure of the hardnesses occurs with transformation of calcite into aragonite (assimilable calcium form). 

The regular drinking of water treated by Aragon® reduces the risk of urolithiasis. This material is the unique patent of Geyser and completely blocks the influx of unwanted elements into filtered water. 

Active pharmaceutical carbon has excellent absorption. It improves the taste, odor and clarity of water. Silver in the structure of the material prevents the growth of microorganisms.  


  • V. G. Khlopin Radio Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Military Academy of St. Petersburg, Russia (2008)
  • Eurofins International Laboratory Group for Environmental Studies, Sweden (2012)
  • Influenza Research Institute, Russia (2011)
  • Center for Microbiological Research, University of Ferrara, Italy (2012)
  • RAMS Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene, Russia (2011)
  • Pasteur Institute of Lille, France (2014)
  • Ahlstrom Filtration Company, United States of America

GEYSER institute paster certifications 

GEYSER military academy certification

Height 32 cm.
Width 13 cm.
Depth 13 cm.
Weight 2 kg.
Machine Maintenance every 12 months
Suspended Particles (rust, sand, seaweed, etc.) up to 99%
Heavy and radioactive elements up to 99%
Active chlorine up to 99%
Organic impurities (pesticides, etc.) up to 95%
Oil residues up to 98%
Hardness salts up to 80%
Microorganisms and coliforms up to 99%

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