Water Ionizers

Portable water ioniser AlkaPod

120,00 €

  • It detoxifies and balances the pH
  • It fights free radicals
  • It offers instantaneous alkaline water
  • Easy to carry

More details

The AlkaPod is a portable water ionizer to have activated antioxidant water everywhere. AlkaPod portable ionizer offers alkaline water, rich in pH and negative ORP, helping the body to detoxify, balance its pH easily and combat free radicals.

AlkaPod portable water ionizer:

  • It creates a silky, soft taste in your water
  • It elevates the pH of water up to 9.5 and the negative OPR up to -200mv, giving measurable antioxidant capacity
  • It has an abundance of hydroxyl which destroys the active oxygen (free radicals), responsible for diseases and aging
  • It converts the molecular blocks of water into hexagonal (smaller) so that water is more easily absorbed by the tissues and cells of our body, hydrating them in depth
Weight 0,350 g.

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