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The new CTUQX series of descaling and chlorine removal unit is specially designed for use in espresso machines and coffee equipment.

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Make the most of your coffee machine with the new CTUQX water treatment units

Calcium and magnesium processing units CTUQX are the first units with ion-exchange resin and activated carbon that can deliver optimal liter capacity and efficiency at the same time.

The ion-exchange resin can be 100% recycled and reused, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

New head with water meter

The iX head has quick shut-off valves and a digital flow meter, so you can see at a glance the volume of water the filter has processed.

This means that you can be sure of the water you have consumed at any time, as the filters can be changed precisely and not in an estimated period of time.

Variable Bypass

The new iX head allows us to adjust the amount of untreated water from salts (magnesium-calcium) that will pass through the filter. This is necessary in order to achieve the desired taste results we want, for the best extraction of coffee.

We have the option to check and measure the water quality from CTUQX by taking a water sample from the pipe located at the water outlet without having to turn off the water supply of the coffee machine easily and quickly, thanks to the switch on the new heads iX.


NSF certified components & WRAS certified media.


CTUQX are manufactured in the UK.


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Height 44,5 cm
Width 16,5 cm
Consumption 10.000 l
Suspended Particles (rust, sand, seaweed, etc.) Ναι
Active chlorine Ναι
Organic impurities (pesticides, etc.) Ναι
Hardness salts Ναι
Microorganisms and coliforms Ναι
Filtration Stages 4
Supply 3/8" Inlet/Outlet

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