Our brand new range of CTU VAPOUR Treatment Units are specially formulated for use with steam ovens and catering equipment using steam.

CTU Vapour

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Untreated, equipment such as Combi Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Bratt Pans or Boilers will suffer from a build up of lime scale which will attack elements, oven chambers and sensors and will lead to expensive break-downs and unwanted kitchen down-time. Our new CTU VAPOUR calcium treatment units have been specially formulated for use with steam ovens and other kitchen equipment using steam.

Protect your steam oven from the harmful effects of scale and other elements. The CTU VAPOUR  has been specially developed to work in harmony with your steam oven for outstanding results.

Our CTU Vapour units are available in 5, 10, 18, 23 & 30 litre capacities.

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