Hydravert water detection system

490,00 €

  • Protection against leaks
  • Wireless units
  • Safety and control of water network

More details

Complete protection against water leaks that have the tragic consequences of flooding your home.

HYDRAVERT® is a patented wireless complete system that automatically checks the entire network and interrupts possible water leakage across the network. 

It consists of a wireless unit (central water switch) connected to the mains supply (inside the house) and shuts of the water supply when one of the six (6) wireless leakage control units you have placed in the most current, fearsome and possible leak points, detect water. 

The wireless panel controller has an LCD display that continuously shows you the good operation and effectiveness of the 6 protection stations and the main switch. 

The whole system is self-controlled and operates with power and batteries. The electronic panel notifies you of their change, as well as tells you which leak detection station is infected and automatically shuts down the central water supply, protecting the area from flooding and destruction.

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