Water leak detector Waterdetect

25,00 €

  • Autonomic small water leak detection units
  • Disk that sounds at water contact
  • 85dB
  • Sounds up to 72 hours
  • Battery operated
  • Low battery signal
  • Placed nearby critical places

More details

  • A remote battery operated unit that will warn the user by buzzer, that there is a leak or flood of water.
  • It will protect your home and possessions against Water Damage & Mold.
  • Simply place the “Waterdetect” in areas susceptible to leaks.
  • The alarm will sound upon detection of water.
  • Place the unit near to the water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, sinks, lavatories, refrigerator, water filtration systems, toilets, water softener, fish tank, house plants, basement, garage, sump pump or anywhere hoses or pipes are under pressure, or might freeze or break.
  • For maximum protection, it is recommended that you place the unit under, or near, each such appliance or potential area or leaks.
  • The unit does not have an on/off switch. With a live battery installed, it is armed and operating.
  • The unit will begin signalling as soon as water contacts its sensors. The alarm signal is a quick buzzer. In the event that no one is present to respond, the alarm will go of continuously.
  • The unit can be made to stop by simply removing it from the water.
  • After detection of water, remove the battery and wipe the unit dry, and then set it in a dry place.
Weight 250 g.

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