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Water filter Under the Sink Geyser 3

210,00 €

  • It effectively removes all harmful substances from water
  • Removes the salts up to 60% by ion exchange
  • Removes heavy metals from water
  • Three (3) stages of filtration
  • Antibros system
  • Unique polymer material 0.1 micro
  • 99.9% protection from bacteria and viruses
  • Removes as well as radioactive elements (eg strontium-90, cesium-137)
  • Converts calcite to aragonite (ie softens water)
  • Reduces the risk of urolithiasis
  • Silver in its structure prevents the growth of microorganisms
  • They do not remove the minerals and trace elements necessary for the body
  • They significantly improve the taste and smell of water

More details

Geyser 3 water filter is placed under the sink and offers you exceptionally pure water with the unique three-stage Aragon® filtration system. It cleanses the city's water from the harmful impurities, corrects the taste of drinking water at the same time breaks the structure of the salts thanks to the Aragon.

What is Aragon®:

Aragon filter is a unique multi-action material, international patent of Geyser Russia, with unique filtering capabilities.

It removes chemical impurities due to its labyrinth structure and its ion adsorption and exchange mechanism.It is recommended to use it by the Paster Institute, as it removes bacteria and viruses from water, up to hepatitis A.

An investigation by the St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy has shown that Aragon filtered water contributes to better kidney function and protects against urolithiasis.

Unique features of Aragon®:

  • It holds up to radioactive elements (strontium-90, cesium-137) and has been tested in areas damaged after the Chernobyl accident.
  • It removes hardness salts with ion-exchange mechanism and mitigates their effects (patent 2004138606 / 15).
  • It has Antibros protection system, which prevents the dirt it holds from passing into our glass.
  • Silver ions in the structure of the material prevent the growth of microorganisms.
  • It softens water by converting calcite to aragonite (non-sedimentary form of calcium), as documented by the University of Vienna and the Russian Institute of Mineral Resources Studies. 


The 3 Filtration stages:

1st Stage: Pre-filtration with 5 micron filter. It holds the suspended particles and in addition protects the activated carbon filter from dirt, rust, turbidity, etc.

2nd Stage: Aragon® filter. Removes chemical impurities due to its labyrinth structure and its ion adsorption and exchange mechanism. Softens water by converting calcite to aragonite (non-sedimentary form of calcium). 

3rd Stage: Filtration with activated carbon. The water passes through an active pharmaceutical carbon filter and is cleaned by chemical elements and harmful substances. At this stage already the water has a high quality without odors, chlorine, producers of THMs, PCBs, etc.

Height 31 cm.
Width 39 cm.
Depth 14 cm.
Weight 6.5 kg.
Suspended Particles (rust, sand, seaweed, etc.) 99%
Heavy and radioactive elements 95%
Active chlorine 99%
Organic impurities (pesticides, etc.) 99%
Oil residues 95%
Hardness salts 60%
Microorganisms and coliforms 99%
Filtration Stages 3
Quantitative supply 7.000 lt.

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