Hercules pitcher

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Create the perfect coffee with the Peak Water.

You can use Peak Water for coffee preparations such as, at home espresso machine, brew, aeropress or even for drinking water.

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Create like a professional barista.

The Peak Water jug gives us unlimited possibilities to create our coffee with our own taste preferences, giving our washing machine a special experience.

The difference between Peak Water and other water jugs is that we can choose the balance between mineral salts, soft or hard water while removing chlorine, asbestos, flavors and odors.

Bespoke Brewing.

Explore a range of micro-adjustments with Peak’s advanced variable filter.

Follow our recommended settings or build your own bespoke brewing water.

Optimise the filter for your favourite coffees and elevate your tea and drinking water.

Test your tap water.

Water hardness varies dramatically around the world and the bicarbonate levels in your tap water have a huge impact on your drink’s acidity.

With our simple Test Strips, you can quickly determine the level of bicarbonate in your tap water and use the results to adjust the Peak Water filter.

Advanced Filtration.

At the heart of Peak Water is our sustainable, high-quality filter cartridge featuring a premium dual-ion resin and carbon matt filtration layer.

Upon release, we’ll be launching a recycling program allowing users to return spent filters for regeneration and re-use.


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