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Water cooler ONYX by Wellness Stores

600,00 €

  • Direct chill technology system
  • Electric water supply, Softtouch
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • High specification filters
  • Stainless steel water tanks
  • Shell made of steel and ABS plastic
  • LED lighting
  • Unique design
  • ACS and KIWA certifications

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Table water cooler ONYX by Wellness Stores. Place it on the kitchen counter, at home or at office.

It features electronic buttons of water supply Soft Touch of unique aesthetics, combined with its LED lighting, highlights its perfect design, quality and effectiveness. 

There is a possibility of creating a small network in your kitchen, providing with an extra faucet which is placed in the kitchen sink, ambient clean water to drink, cook, wash fruit and vegetables and your food in general. 

4 filtration stages:

1st Stage: Pre-filtration with a 5 micron filter. It holds the suspended particles such as soil, rust, turbidity, etc.

2nd Stage: Pre-filtration with activated carbon. Water passes through active pharmaceutical carbon filter and cleaned up from chemical elements and harmful substances. At this stage already the water has a high quality without odors, chlorine, derivatives of THMs, PCBs etc.

3rd Stage: M.F. membrane retains chemicals, such as organic macromolecules, lead, asbestos as well as viruses, protozoa such as cryptosporidium, escherischiacoli, etc.

4th Stage: Final filtration from high-quality activated carbon. At this stage, pH of water is balanced, while it's taste is enhanced. 


Water cooler ONYX has:

  • Innovative design in gray color, steel shell and ABS plastic panel
  • Direct chill technology system for quick cooling and heating of water
  • Water supply of cold, hot and ambient temperature water
  • Electric water supplies, Soft touch, with operation light
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • High specification filters based on the N.S.F., WaterQuality, CE certifications
  • Stainless steel water tanks for hot and cold water
  • Shell made of ABS steel and plastic, brushed aluminum front
  • Unique design
  • Blue colored LED lightning at the supply points
  • ACS and KIWA Certifications
Height 45,5 cm.
Width 32,5 cm.
Depth 36 cm.
Weight 13 kg.
Voltage 220V, 60Hz
Consumption 500 watt
Tank capacity Cold 2 lt - Hot 1,2 lt
Iced water flow capacity 10oC 4,6 lt/hr
Hot water flow capacity 85oC 7,9 lt/hr

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