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The company Wellness Stores has been active since 1990 in the Greek market in the field of water treatment. It represents branded products from all over the world, while at the same time there is a huge know-how in both the products and the water treatment all these years.

Wellness Stores is the exclusive representative of the British company WaterCare in South East Europe, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and Turkey.

WaterCare has been manufacturing professional water treatment products since 1985 in the UK.

Based on the basic philosophy of the company WaterCare, they manufacture the most environmentally friendly water treatment products available on the market today, as it has developed a new service in the field of recycling and redefinition of all water filters.


It is able to recycle and reuse all types of plastic and aluminum water filters using the recycling plant in their central unit.

WaterCare rejuvenates all the resin that has expired from the calcium treatment plants through

collection and after extensive cleaning and regeneration can be reused.

This saves less use of new plastic and reduces costs to a minimum.

Recycling Stages

IX Water filters use Insert Refill technology which means that only the internal filter that can be recycled is changed and this is important for reducing plastics.

In most water filters the whole cartridge is changed which will be thrown away and will not be recycled properly, as in this way the use of plastics increases.

An important advantage will be that we will be able to reward customers who support the recycling program with the Green Earth Awards.

Green Earth Award

As the exclusive representative of WaterCare for the South East European market, the goal of Wellness Stores is the creation of the ion resin recycling and regeneration unit based in Greece in the near future.

In this way we will be able to offer our customers a complete solution to reduce plastics, as we will be the first company in Europe to be able to recycle significant quantities of plastic material from water filters.

The reduction of the maintenance cost for the re-operation of the filters with the ion resin technology (ion exchange) is achieved.

At the same time, the goal of our company is the creation of a production unit for the series of iX WATER and ctuQX water filters that will serve the European market.

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