Wellness: One word, one way of life. Provide solutions to your everyday needs.

Wellness Stores have been offering products aimed at health and well-being for 30 years. The main product categories we specialize in are water and air treatment, however we have state-of-the-art products and services that ensure a modern and safe lifestyle in your home or business.

Visit our website or our store and get informed through a rich range of products that perfectly cover your needs.

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Water Products

  • Top mounted water filters on the bench
  • Water filters placed under the bench
  • Shower filter
  • Water ionizers
  • Filters, prefilters and softeners central water supply
  • Reverse osmosis water systems Point of use with its own independent faucet and under-the-counter placement
  • Water heaters, floor and desktop, for home and business places
  • We undertake the study and installation of processing systems water in residential complexes, cafes, hotels, hospitals and others

Air Products

  • HEPASilent™ technology air cleaners equipped with special Smoke stop filters
  • Car air cleaners effective on volatile gases
  • Air ionizers with excellent design floors and ceilings
  • We have a special measurement service and indoor air quality study spaces for the installation of systems air purification