ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis

  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
  • ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis
ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis

•Constant high capacity up to 100 liters per hour

• Continues Flow - Continuous Flow

•Recovery rate 60-65%

•Designed for operation without a tank

• High quality pure water for your needs

•Protection of your equipment

•Compact elegant design

• The filter is economical and environmentally friendly

ECOSOFT RObust 1500 Reverse Osmosis

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√ Continues Flow - Continuous Flow water production

√ Designed for operation without a tank

√ Stable high water production up to 100 liters per hour

√ Unique 4-stage filtration

√ The perfect solution for ice machines and steam ovens

√ Removes chlorine (taste and smell) and its derivatives at a rate of 99.9%

√ Removes 99% heavy metals

√ Water recovery rate 60-65%

√ Retains soil, sand, rust, dirt, asbestos and suspended particles up to 0.5μm

√ Ability to filter borehole water, ideal for islands

√ Certified following all standards of European and international organizations

√ Easily placed under your sink or kitchen counter.

√ With the guarantee and quality of Wellness Stores

√ High quality clean water for your needs

√ Compact elegant design

√ It has manometers installed that measure the water pressure at the inlet and outlet of the system.

    The RObust 1500 reverse osmosis system provides sufficient clean and safe water to protect your ice machines and steam ovens, as well as drinking water for your guests and staff.

    Combination of high quality water treatment technology, modern design and compact construction. Enjoying the best result from your equipment.


    The 4 stages of Filtering:

    1st Stage: Filtration with a 5 micron solids filter. This filter retains suspended particles such as dirt, sand, rust, turbidity, etc.

    2nd Stage: Filtration with activated medicinal carbon. The water is filtered through the activated medicinal carbon filter and removes chlorine, its derivatives and harmful substances from the water. At this stage, the water already has a high quality, without odors, chlorine, its derivatives, THMs, PCBs, etc.

    3rd Stage: 500 GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane. Retains chemicals and salts such as arsenic, copper, iron, lead, manganese, nitrite, nitrate, cyanide, ferric cyanide, bicarbonate, radioactive radon. Also, the membrane removes bacteria, viruses and fungi.

    4th Stage: Final filtration by activated carbon block. In this stage, the pH of the water is balanced while at the same time it is strengthened and improves its taste.

    Ecosoft RObust 1500 provides perfect water to meet your needs!

    Ecosoft RObust PRO is aimed at HO.RE.CA professionals. Ecosoft RObust 1500 is designed to meet your needs and allows you to get the right water quality.

    System components

    • RObust 1500 reverse osmosis filter
    • Set of replacement filters
    • Ecosoft membrane element
    • Connection fittings pack
    • Service wrenches
    • User manual


    Inlet pressure — 1–5 bar

    Flow capacity — 90–100 L/h

    Water consumption — 140–150 L/h

    Waste water — 50 L/h

    Inlet water temperature — +4… +30 °С

    Room temperature — +5…+40 °С

    Power supply — 230 V, 50 Hz

    Feed water requirements

    pH = 6.5–8.5

    TDS ≤ 1500 mg/L

    Hardness ≤ 10 meq/L (<500 mg/L CaCO₃)

    Chlorine ≤ 0.5 mg/L

    Iron ≤ 0.3 mg/L

    Manganese ≤ 0.05 mg/L

    COD ≤ 5 mg O₂/L

    Total microbial count (TMC) ≤ 100 CFU/ mL

    Coliform index = none



    230V, 50 Hz
    Liters / Hour
    90-100 L/H

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