Reverse Osmosis

Bluewater Spirit SuperiorOsmosis

2 280,00 €

  • The most effective solution in the toughest water
  • With a continuous flow system
  • Without tank
  • Electronic displays for filter change
  • Stylish and modern design

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The Bluewater Spirit is your very own endless supply of fresh water. It is a powerful, yet compact, under-sink water purifier that helps you create your own pure water oasis.

Delivering 3,380 liters of water per day, Bluewater Spirit is one of the best investments you can make for your health and wellness. Bluewater Spirit removes most of all waterborne contaminants such as chemical contaminants, toxic chemicals and pathogenic bacteria.

The Bluewater Spirit adds a new dimension to generating cleaner, healthier water in home and commercial environments by improving the entire drinking experience. Easy to install, maintain and use, the beautifully designed Bluewater Spirit not only means you get pristine drinking water but you can also forget buying bottled water altogether. Satisfy your thirst for life by transforming your home or workplace into your own source of fresh water and a welcoming oasis.

Easy to install, easy to maintain

Any plumber or person with basic ‘do-it-yourself’ skills can easily install Bluewater Pro. Pre-fitted water connectors and an electric cable on the back of the unit make it easy to connect the water purifier correctly to the water inlet and outlet system and the power source.

Purification Process - SuperiorOsmosisTM

Step 1

Unfiltered water enters the Bluewater Spirit via the inlet water.

Step 2

Larger contaminants are removed using a high-quality Bluewater activated carbon pre-filter.

Step 3

Bluewater’s superior membrane removes the tiniest contaminants down to 0.0001 micron in size (that is 400 times smaller than the smallest virus).

Step 4

Bluewater’s patented SuperiorOsmosis™ circulation technology continuously cleans the membrane, ensuring higher flow, better purification, less waste water and longer membrane lifetime.

Step 5

Harmful contaminants are flushed out with the outlet water.

Step 6

The Bluewater Spirit delivers crystal clean, healthier and great tasting drinking water directly out of your tap.


  • Average daily production – 3,380 liters
  • Economical water circulation system
  • Efficient wastewater solution
  • Direct flow with no need for a tank
  • Inlet low feed pressure switch
  • Filter monitor
  • Leak detection and shutoff switch
  • Purified water quality monitor
  • Market leading water purification
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Compact and neat Swedish design
Weight 25 Kg.

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