hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA

  • hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA
  • hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA
  • hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA
  • hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA
  • hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA
hygien Bidet 6035R by USPA

Since we use a dry paper towel to clean your hands, why not use on sensitive parts of the body?

To electronic bidet USPA is a personal hygiene device, designed to provide cleanliness and well-being to all, especially to young children and the elderly.

Made from antibacterial plastic ABS, in two models, each model in three shapes.

Applies to most areas of the market.

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The water cleans better than the paper.  The water is more effective than dry paper. But you know this already.

A new level of comfort.  It provides a relaxing cleansing experience in contrast to the use of toilet paper. The paper often cause scratches in sensitive areas and contains elements that lead to further irritation.

Environmentally friendly.  Avoiding the use of toilet paper, we reduce the overall waste of paper, saving millions of trees annually.

Indeed healthy.  The water washing effectively reduces the proliferation of bacteria. In fact, using toilet paper, instead remove bacteria, we spread in the surrounding area!The use of a bidet without use of your hands.

Pathology  is ideal for people who have specific conditions such as hemorrhoids. Many sufferers of hemorrhoids using electronic bidets with ease, avoiding abrasions and irritations. Patients who have undergone surgery in this region will feel relief and comfort of use.

Feminine hygiene  Ease laundry any time of day or night, offers comfort and peace of mind during the difficult days of the month, but in cases of frequent irritation or recent surgery. Mothers who have recently given birth are particularly sensitive in this region. By using the bidet function, the washing is no longer painful.

Elderly  As we age, the use of the toilet becomes an increasingly difficult task, which might be forced to ask for help. This can reduce our self-esteem. The USPA bidet can help restore your self-confidence and enable you to regain your independence!

1) Wash hygiene.  The electronic bidet hygiene USPA cleans the sensitive areas of the body using water spray with adjustable temperature. It features 2 nozzles - one directed to the rear area and one designed for the female cleaning covers personal hygiene needs for men and women. Easy and automatic operation of the washer nozzles, controlled by touch keys or remote control: simply select the spray and adjust the volume of flow, depending on your preference.

IMPORTANT !! nozzles are cleaned automatically after each use, ensuring healthy function effortlessly.

2)  Drying.  With a touch of the remote actuator drying with hot air, and adjust the temperature in one of the five levels of regulation. 

3)  Odor.  With the auto deodorizing, electronic bidet USPA helps relief from unpleasant odors when using the toilet. Through the deodorization filter effectively removes odor particles, actually removing odors rather than masking them. When the device is in use, the deodorization function starts automatically (maximum running time 20 minutes) - once the user get up, operation stops automatically after 60 seconds.

4)  Heated seat.  The heated seat eliminates the "icy touch" usually experience when we sit on the toilet during the cold days of winter. You will be surprised by the pleasure of comfort and warmth of the heated seat.

5)  Antibacterial & Soft Close.  The seat USPA electronic bidet is made ​​of ABS plastic antibacterial and prevents the growth of microbes.





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