Wellness water ionizer by Chanson MIRACLE

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  •  Wellness water ionizer by Chanson MIRACLE
 Wellness water ionizer by Chanson MIRACLE
  • Alkaline and acidic water
  • It has 7 plates
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy and straightforward placement

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It is placed on the kitchen counter. It has 7 plates. (ionization electrodes).

The water ionizers Wellness by Chanson Miracle, convert water into a clean, safe, oxygen-rich and antioxidant capacities. 

Ionized water is converted molecularly into hexagonal, and has as a result the cells of the human body being hydrated 6 times more.

Alkaline water:

  • It is completely clear of toxic elements and microorganisms
  • It is rich in oxygen, which means natural energy and spiritual clarity
  • It has strong antioxidant capacities that reduce cellular damage by free radicals
  • It moisturizes the body 3-6 times more effectively
  • It cleans cells from toxins and acidic residues of the metabolism
  • It strengthens the whole function of our body

Drinking daily plenty of Alkaline water, our body is well hydrated and released from free radicals and toxins responsible for many diseases.

Acidic water:

  • With acidic water, the face remains fresh and clean from acne and strains
  • Foot fungal infection are relieved by a warm foot bath
  • Tepid acid water pads help in hemorrhoids
  • It releives in cases of burns and irritations
  • Excellent for oral hygiene

Acidic water has disinfectant and softening capacities. Amazing for skin and hair, it is used in Far East to treat skin disorders.

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