Water cooler Polaris touch by Wellness Stores

  • Water cooler Polaris touch by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
  • Water cooler POLARIS by Wellness Stores
Water cooler Polaris touch by Wellness Stores
  • Direct chill technology system
  • Electric touch water supply
  • Automatic water temperature control
  • 3 different water temperature options
  • 3 water quantity options
  • Stainless steel water tanks
  • Steel and ABS plastic shell
  • White LED lighting
  • Unique design
  • ACS and KIWA certifications

"Say NO to Plastics"

Water cooler Polaris touch by Wellness Stores

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√ Ideal solution for home and office.

√ Offers absolutely safe water, hot, cold and ambient temperature.

√ Practically silent operation of the machine.

√ Special sensors detect the water level and check its temperature inside the tanks every moment.

√ Innovative design in white color, shell made of ABS plastic and stainless steel.

√ Push technology, with light indicators of operation.

√ Hot water protection button for small children.

√ Stainless steel water tanks both cold and hot.

√ High specification filters and based on N.S.F and Water Quality Association certifications.

The POLARIS water cooler with touch technology guarantees to meet all your needs with three water temperature options, cold, room and hot. The POLARIS Countertop Water Cooler connects to the water supply, filters and provides you with clean filtered water. Ideal for home or office thanks to its ergonomic design.

This contemporary designed water cooler makes the perfect addition to any counter that needs a solution. The tri-temp provides all the types of water you need in one compact machine, while the large water dispensing capacity makes filling bottles easy. With unique filtration of a multi-stage filter by Wellness Stores. The maintenance and change of our filter has a lifetime of 12 months.

The POLARIS desktop water cooler is the ideal solution for clean and healthy water in your home or workplaces such as in the office, in the company, and according to the customer's functional requirements.

The advanced functions include a portion control features which offers a choice of 3 pre-selected cup sizes which are designed to dispense the perfect portion size for the cup you are using for ultimate convenience, or you can choose to dispense however much you like.

The 4 stages of Filtering:

1st Stage: Filtration with a 5 micron solids filter. This filter traps suspended particles such as dirt, sand, rust, asbestos, turbidity, etc.

2nd Stage: Filtration with activated medicinal carbon. The water is filtered through the activated medicinal carbon filter and removes chlorine, its derivatives and harmful substances from the water. At this stage, the water already has a high quality without odors, chlorine, its derivatives, THMs, PCBs, etc.

3rd Stage: Filtering with Silver ions. Silver ions help keep water clean and free of bacteria and microbial loads, viruses and bacteria. With its antibacterial action you have a guarantee and high safety in every use.

4th Stage: Final filtration by activated carbon block. In this stage, the pH of the water is balanced while at the same time it is strengthened and improves its taste.

Specially designed to improve taste, color and smell. With 4-stage filtration, the iX CARBON water filter is specially designed to provide fresh, suitable water for drinking coffee or tea. It is recommended for use in areas where the water is soft and there is not a large presence of salts.

Water cooler POLARIS has:

  1. Innovative design in gray color, steel shell and ABS plastic panel
  2. Direct chill technology system for quick cooling and heating of water
  3. Water supply of cold, hot and ambient temperature water
  4. Electric water supplies, Soft touch, with operation light
  5. Automatic water temperature control
  6. Stainless steel water tanks for hot and cold water
  7. Shell made of ABS steel and plastic, brushed aluminum front
  8. Unique design
  9. Blue colored LED lightning at the supply points
  10. ACS and KIWA Certifications

Wellness Stores, very conscientious in protecting the environment and in the fight against plastics, urge you to do a free trial of our coolers to replace bottle coolers, thus contributing to the protection of our planet. For more information please contact us.

32,5 cm.
36 cm.
13 kg.
Tank capacity
Cold 2 lt - Hot 1,2 lt
Iced water flow capacity 10oC
4,6 lt/hr
Hot water flow capacity 85oC
7,9 lt/hr
45,5 cm.

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