Water softener Autosoft


For warewashing and laundry.
NEW Improved water softeners range with OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY

The Autosoft range of cold water softeners provide softened water for warewashing and laundry giving better washing results and protecting equipment from harmful scale and other minerals. Optical sensors control the backwash cycle for trustworthy, precise performance.

Available in 10, 14, 18 23 & 30 litre capacities.

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Sparkling results

Our specialist softeners produce soft water that help produce sparkling clean crockery, cutlery and streak-free glassware. Glasswashers and dishwashers are also protected from the harmful effects of chlorine and scale. Enjoy prolonged equipment life and more efficient washing. Professional results every time.

Wide range of capacities

Autosoft professional cold water softeners are available in a large range of sizes to suit every application.

From the compact 10 litre model ideal for low volume usage in tight situations through to our large 30 litre capacity softener that can treat 4882 litres of water between regenerations.

New Pentair valve

Our cold water softeners now have industry leading Pentair control valves fitted for extra benefits. This makes them easier to service, quicker to set-up and have increased regeneration efficiency.  The back-lit display is easy to see in dark areas. For use with a cold water supply up to 35°C.

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